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Cassandra Corrado

You Know, Sex: Bodies, Gender, Puberty, and Other Things • Book

You Know, Sex: Bodies, Gender, Puberty, and Other Things • Book

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You Know, Sex was the July 2022 book club assignment. It is recommended for readers 10-14 years old, but can also be handy for older teenagers and adults. 

From the publisher: 
A completely new approach to learning about puberty, sex, and gender for kids 10+. Here is the much-anticipated third book in the trilogy that started with the award-winning What Makes a Baby and Sex Is a Funny Word
In a bright graphic format featuring four dynamic middle schoolers, You Know, Sex grounds sex education in social justice, covering not only the big three of puberty—hormones, reproduction, and development—but also power, pleasure, and how to be a decent human being.   
Centering young people’s experiences of pressures and joy, risk and reward, and confusion and discovery, there are chapters on body autonomy, disclosure, stigma, harassment, pornography, trauma, masturbation, consent, boundaries and safety in our media-saturated world, puberty and reproduction that includes trans, non-binary, and intersex bodies and experience, and more. 
You Know, Sex is the first thoroughly modern sex ed book for every body navigating puberty and adolesence, essential for kids, everyone who knows a kid, and anyone who has ever been a kid.  


Age recommendation: 10-14 years 

Published April 12, 2022 • ISBN: 9781644210802

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