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Cassandra Corrado

The Comfort Seeker Bundle

The Comfort Seeker Bundle

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This product bundle is designed for folks who experience pelvic pain. Each item is specifically coordinated to help you explore your pleasure and learn more about how your body works. If you’re experiencing chronic pelvic pain, you should talk with a doctor (you can find one here). These items aren’t meant as medical treatment — they’re just tools to help you explore your sexual pleasure. 

The Tantus Silk Dildo is a smooth, slim dildo that can help you learn about your body and its responses. This dildo has a 1.1 inch diameter, which is a bit less than two fingers wide. Its insertable length is 5 inches. The super smooth silicone means that when combined with lube, you experience minimal surface friction. It is made of 100% silicone for easy sanitizing. The OhNut is a wearable buffer that you can use if deep penetration is what feels uncomfortable. You can slip it over the silk dildo or over a partner to reduce penetration depth. It’s made of an FDA-approved polymer, making it safe to use with all types of lubricants. Stack the rings to find the depth that works best for you. Sliquid Satin is a water-based lubricant that can also be used daily for folks who experience chronic dryness. The We-Vibe Touch X is a silicone, waterproof, gentle curved vibrator to help you explore external stimulation and what parts of your body feel good. Finally, Healing Painful Sex is a book designed to help you understand the causes and potential treatment plans for pelvic pain (plus how to talk with your doctor about it). Just as a heads-up, Healing Painful Sex includes gendered language and assumes that all people with vaginas identify as women. 

This bundle includes: 

  • Tantus Silk Medium Dildo (Solo retail price: $42)
  • OhNut Set of 4 (Solo retail price: $65) 
  • Sliquid Satin 4.2 oz (Solo retail price: $13)
  • Healing Painful Sex (solo retail price: $18)
  • We-Vibe Touch X in Coral (solo retail price: $99) 


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