The Better Together Bundle

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This bundle is designed to rekindle sexual pleasure and connection in relationships. Each item is thoughtfully curated to address the issues that partnered people reach out to me most often about.
Pillo by Dame is a soft yet supportive positioning pillow that can make certain positions feel more comfortable. It has a removable, washable cover. Mickie Wood's Sex Talk Game is a box set of 69 questions about sex, desire, fantasy, and experiences to help you more deeply connect with your partners and foster helpful conversations. The Olivia's Boudoir massage candle in Midnight can be used on your own or with partners to engage your senses. Light the candle, let the wax melt, then extinguish the flame before using the melted massage oil to engage your sense of touch. The Midnight scent is a fusion of Cuban tobacco flower, bergamot, oak, and a splash of sparkling grapefruit. Sportsheets' Bed Bondage Restraint Kit is an easy-to-use bed bondage kit that doesn't require any bedposts. To set-up, simply slide the straps underneath the mattress and position the cuffs where you want them. When you're all done, you can tuck the cuffs under the mattress for quick privacy. The adjustable cuffs fasten with velcro and are made of soft neoprene. And finally, the Sliquid Naturals Lube Cube is a sample pack of 12 lubricants to help you explore each other's bodies without shame or frustration, all while increasing pleasurable sensations. 
This bundle includes: 
  • Pillo by Dame (solo retail price: $95)
  • Sex Talk Game by Mickie Woods (solo retail price: $30)
  • Olivia's Boudoir Massage Candle, 6.5 oz in Midnight scent (solo retail price: $34)
  • Sportsheets Bed Bondage Restraint Kit (solo retail price: $34.99)
  • Sliquid Lube Cube of 12 Samples (solo retail price: $12)