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Cassandra Corrado

RECORDED WORKSHOP: Cultivating Sexual Playfulness

RECORDED WORKSHOP: Cultivating Sexual Playfulness

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Does sexual perfectionism keep you from trying new things? Are you stuck in a sexual rut that feels more "let's stick to the usual" than "let's find what feels good"? Does incorporating playfulness into sex just feel too vulnerable?

Losing touch with our sense of playfulness is a common experience, but it doesn't need to define your sexuality!

In this workshop, we'll unpack the reasons why play fizzles out as we age, what the purpose of play actually is, and how we can move toward playfulness and pleasure without self-judgment.

In this two-hour RECORDED workshop, we'll cover:

  • The four types of play and how they apply to sex
  • The connection between low levels of play and perfectionism
  • How you can slowly and safely incorporate play into your life
  • What playfulness looks like on our own and with partners

This is a recording of a previously held workshop. From the date of purchase, you'll have 90 days to watch the recording and access the content.

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