Pay It Forward: Barrier Methods and Lube for Someone Who Needs Them

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I send totally free barrier methods and lube samples to anyone who asks for them. No charge for shipping or anything! Just free barriers to people who need them. Some options that I make available for free are:

  • Flavored external condoms (latex)
  • Unflavored external condoms (latex)
  • Internal condoms (non-latex)
  • Flavored dental dams (latex)

I hope to also be able to offer non-latex, unflavored external condoms soon, but they cost 5x as much as latex barrier methods! 

If you want to pay it forward and support someone's barrier method needs, this listing will do that for you. Just choose how many people's supplies you want to cover and that's all! 

I currently cover all of the costs for barrier methods out of pocket, so any support helps and is greatly appreciated!