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Cassandra Corrado

RECORDED WORKSHOP: How to Please a Vulva

RECORDED WORKSHOP: How to Please a Vulva

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"Vulvas are complicated" "You take too long to cum" "It just doesn't seem hygienic..." 

Vulvovaginal stigma and shame run deep and prevent people with vulvas from being able to commit to exploring their sexual pleasure. In this workshop, we'll cut through the misinformation and dispel the shameful language, all while strengthening our sexual skillset. All techniques will be demonstrated on a vulva puppet—not on any fruit items. 

In this two-hour recorded workshop, we'll cover: 

  • Setting the record straight on common myths
  • Practices to help reduce vulva-related shame
  • Pleasure techniques for vulvas 


This is a recording of a previously held workshop. Once you purchase it, you'll have access for 90 days.  

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