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The Campout 2024

Contribute to the Camper Fund • The Campout 2024

Contribute to the Camper Fund • The Campout 2024

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Camper Fund Tier

Goal: $13,700 

Status as of July 25, 2023: $955 

(6.7% of total goal and 32.81% of single camper goal)

With the Camper Fund, I aim to raise $13,700 to fully fund camp fees (which include lodging, meals, all activities, and roundtrip transportation between the airport and venue) for 5 campers (3 solo campers and 1 couple). 

  • How will funds be used if you don't hit the goal?
    If I don't reach the funding goal, I'll assess how the funds will best be used. For example, I may be able to fully fund 3 campers instead of 5, or partially fund 5 campers. No matter what, I'll be transparent and will share how the camper funds are used! 

  • How will extra funds be used if you exceed the goal? 
    Any funds raised above the goal amount will be used to upgrade certain aspects of camp (eg: building a dessert bar for our movie night or adding an extra excursion to the schedule) 

  • How will you pick who receives the funds? 
    I'll open up an application and people can write about why they want to attend camp and what they hope to get out of it. Then, the other camp counselors and I will review the applications to build a short list of finalists.

  • How will we know how much has been raised? 
    I'll update this page regularly with how much has been raised so far! 

Camper Fund Tiers: 

  • The Marshmallow: $5
  • Yoga Pass: $20 
  • S'mores Galore: $50
  • Camper Van: $100
  • Outdoors & Fabulous: $250
  • Craft Queen: $500
  • Honorary Camp Counselor: $1000
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