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Cassandra Corrado

Clitoris Pin • Acrylic • Rubber Back

Clitoris Pin • Acrylic • Rubber Back

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That one relative thinking to themselves: "Is that a jellyfish? It sort of looks like...a body part..." 

It's the clit! But not like you've seen it before. This pin features an illustration of the internal and external structures of the clit for a fuller picture of pleasure. 

This acrylic pin is small, measuring 1.25 inches at the widest section and 1" from top to bottom. It features a rubber backer for comfort. 

Note: All pins ship with a protective plastic scratch protective layer on top of them. Remove to see the true shiny exterior! 

This is a limited-run design and once they're out, they're out. All pins come with free tracked shipping to addresses in the United States. 

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