🏳️‍⚧️ The Campout 🏳️‍🌈

Blue Ridge, GA • May 30-June 4, 2024

A 5-night summer camp for queer & trans grown-ups, nestled on 250 acres in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Hosted by Feminist Sex Ed and special guest camp counselors.

Open to adults ages 21+

This is the place for you.

The Campout is a joyful summer camp focused on building queer community and connectedness.

The Campout is for queer and trans people (obvs), but who is it really for? ⤵️

✨ The person who knows they’re queer or trans, but isn’t ready (or interested) in coming out to the world

✨ The person who came out later in life, and feels like they haven’t been able to build community

✨ The person who had a tough childhood as a younger queer or trans person, and wants a bit of a do-over

✨ The social butterfly who loves making new friends everywhere they go (and who will probably become unofficial camp counselors)

✨ The babes whose preferred way to experience the outdoors is laying down on a picnic blanket and reading

✨ The person who is ready to stop diminishing their magical queer/trans self

✨ The person who wants to play — because sometimes, we need to be able to just be ourselves and unwind a bit

✨ The person who says “I don’t really know how to label myself” but has been opening these emails, time and time again, because you see yourself a little bit more here

In short — The Campout was designed for YOU. This is your space; you get to make it what you want and need.

What's Included

Registration fees vary based upon room type, but no matter which room you choose, all of the following things are included:

  • Your room
  • All food and drinks
  • A welcome gift bag valued at $400
  • All on-site activities & workshops
  • All off-site excursions
  • Roundtrip shuttle transport between ATL airport and the venue

What Isn't Included:

  • Your travel costs from your home to the Campout
  • Partner or friend add-on fees
  • Any excursions you decide to do on our own in town
  • Natalie Malone

    Natalie Malone is a counseling psychologist in training and researcher whose scholarship prioritizes Black women's sexual, spiritual, and holistic wellness. Additionally, Natalie is a 200-hour registered yoga teacher who integrates holistic healing, social justice, and wellness interventions into her yoga classes, research, and therapeutic work. Natalie has participated in numerous wellness programs centering on the needs and liberation of marginalized groups through embodied practices.  

    At The Campout, Natalie will be leading yoga sessions and a workshop about meditation and mindfulness for sexual wellbeing!

  • Veronica Dress

    Veronica Dress is a sexuality educator, coach, and theatrical intimacy director with a passion for the places where sexuality, identity, and the arts meet.

    With a near decade under her shimmy belt as a burlesque performer, Veronica is excited to hold spaces where we can all re-imagine joyful movement and explore our sexiest selves — not as society tells us we should be, but as we create + discover for ourselves.

    At The Campout, Veronica will be leading a workshop about embodiment, performance, and confidence — all while incorporating some burlesque skills!

  • Kaylie Stokes

    Kaylie Stokes is a former higher ed professional with nearly a decade of experience creating memorable and fun events. At New College of Florida, they ran new student orientation, supervised Resident Advisors and Student Success Coaches, and helped improve students residential, academic, and social experiences on campus. (sidenote: Kaylie is Cassandra’s partner, so if she looks familiar, it’s because you’ve likely seen them behind the scenes before!)

    At The Campout, Kaylie will be the Facilitator of Fun, running our nostalgic summer camp activities!  

  • Bliss Floccare

    Bliss is a queer, nonbinary photographer based in North Carolina. In addition to event photography, they offer body-positive and identity-affirming portrait sessions.

    At The Campout, Bliss will be documenting the joy and helping things run smoothly!

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The Accommodations

There are a few different types of accommodations to choose from at the Campout. No matter which you choose, you'll sleep soundly on an actual bed — no tent required.

NOTE: All accommodations fees are all-inclusive, meaning they cover your lodging, all meals and drinks, excursions, on-site activities, your welcome gift bag, and a roundtrip shuttle to ATL airport. The only additional cost would be your travel.

Campout Accommodations

All-inclusive registration rates start at $340 per night! Your registration fee includes: luxurious accommodations, all food & beverage, on-site activities, excursions, 3 workshops, roundtrip transport to/from the airport, and a kickass gift bag!

The Itinerary

This is an approximate itinerary. The full itinerary, including specific activities, workshop topics, and start times will be released to registered attendees prior to the first day of camp!

Arrival day

May 30

  • If flying, land at ATL by 2:00 pm. Take the group shuttle to the venue, arriving at 5:00 pm.
  • If driving, plan to get to the venue no earlier than 5:00 pm.
  • Dinner, drinks, and getting to know each other by the fire.

day 2

May 31

  • Breakfast
  • Yoga on the lawn
  • Group nature walk through our on-site hiking trails
  • Lunch
  • Workshop #1
  • Dinner
  • Movie night under the stars

Day 3

June 1

  • Breakfast
  • Workshop #2
  • Lunch
  • Excursion: Kayaking & Tubing
  • Downtime (games around the venue, or relax on your own)
  • Dinner
  • Evening Activities

Day 4

June 2

  • Breakfast
  • Yoga on the lawn
  • Field Day & Cook-out Lunch
  • Dinner
  • Stories around the fire

Day 5

June 3

  • Breakfast
  • Workshop #3
  • Lunch
  • Hike around our own private hiking trails
  • Arts & Crafts
  • Dinner
  • Queer Dance Party

Check-out day

June 4

  • Breakfast
  • Check-out is 9:30 am! Take the group shuttle to the airport or start your drive home.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the Campout for?

The Campout is for all LGBTQIA+ folks, however you define and interweave those identities together for yourself. The campout is a mixed gender event and is open to folks of all genders. You do not have to be "out" to attend the Campout.

If you're a queer or trans person looking to strengthen your connection to community, play and release some stress, and learn more about yourself, then the Campout is for you.

Am I ______ enough to come to the Campout?

From Instagram messages to emails, many people have voiced the concern that they're not queer/trans/"out" enough to come to camp.

I assure that no matter where you are in your self-exploration journey or who you're currently partnered with, you are enough, and you are welcome at the Campout.

Am I too old to come to the Campout?

Absolutely not. While there is a minimum age for this event (21 years), there is not a maximum age. Based on my past teaching experience, this will be an intergenerational event.

You're a sex educator. Is the Campout like...a sex camp? 😳

At its heart, no, the Campout is not a play party or sex camp.

We will have activities and workshops that are sexuality-focused, though! We'll have workshops about topics like sexual embodiment and finding your sexual confidence, and some of our camp activities will have a sexy twist to them (like learning how to tie camp knots with bondage rope).

And of course, everyone at the Campout will be an adult. If everyone involved is consenting, and hookups happen in private (not in shared rooms), then that's up to the folks involved!

Am I required to come to all of the activities? What if I don't want to do one?

While you'll be given an itinerary, you're not required to do any activity you don't want to do. If you need to take a break or sit something out, you can do that!

What does my registration fee include?

Registration fees vary based upon room type, but no matter which room you choose, all of the following things are included:

  • Your room
  • All food and drinks
  • A welcome gift bag valued at $400
  • All on-site activities & workshops
  • All off-site excursions
  • Roundtrip shuttle transport between ATL airport and the venue

What Isn't Included:

  • Your travel costs (airfare or gas money) from your home to the Campout
  • Partner or friend add-on fees
  • Any excursions you decide to do on our own in town

I want to share a bed with my partner(s) or a friend. Can I do that?

Yep! You can add up to two additional people to king suites and the premium king suite in the Main Lodge only. The fee for each extra person is $1200 which can be added into your payment plan.

Are payment plans available?

Yes! You'll automatically be enrolled in a 10-month payment plan when you make your room deposit. You'll be charged on the same day each month (eg: the 28th of each month) to the credit card you put on file. If you'd prefer to pay your balance in full at any time, you can do that.

Do I have to be "out" to come to the Campout?

No! Being "out" is a personal choice, and it's one that involves a lot of factors. You don't have to be "out" to come to camp, nor do you have to have been in a "queer" relationship or had certain experiences. You're welcome, just as you are!

(And if you're not "out" and decide to attend the Campout, you can opt to be excluded from all photos posted online.)

I'm flying in. What airport would I use?

The Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport (ATL) is the closest major airport to our venue. It's approximately a 2 hour drive from the airport to the venue, so we'll provide a group shuttle there and back.

Hi! I'm Cassandra.

I'll be your head camp counselor at the Campout. You can use she/her pronouns for me.

I'm a sex educator who works exclusively with adults to help them unlearn shame and improve their relationships with pleasure. I believe that sexual health and sexual pleasure are not separate measures, but are two fundamental ingredients to sexual wellbeing.

I've worked with adults from the United States to Turkiye, Ecuador to Germany; with teens and the 60+ crowd. My students represent a wide variety of genders, sexual orientations, relationship configurations, and religions. The common denominator is a desire to improve their relationship with themselves!

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