The DIY Enthusiast Bundle

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This bundle is for the self-proclaimed DIY Enthusiast. You know, that kind of DIY. (Yes, we’re talking about masturbation). Each item is curated to help you learn more about yourself and cultivate a pleasure-focused experience. 

Bang! is a book all about masturbation — it includes data, myths (and the realities they cover up), and useful information to get you started. Playing Without a Partner is all about how you can cultivate a fulfilling sex life with yourself. The Sliquid lube cube includes 12 sample packets of lube so that you can expand your practice. And the other two items are just for fun!

This bundle includes: 

  • Bang! Masturbation for All Genders and Abilities (solo retail price: $14.95)
  • DIY Enthusiast Sticker (solo retail price: $4.00)
  • "Ask me about my toys" button (solo retail price: $4.00)
  • Playing Without a Partner (solo retail price: $18.95)
  • Sliquid Lube Cube with 12 sample pillow packs (solo retail price: $14)